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25 Years of Inspiration

25 years ago the Internet was in its infancy, social networking was done face-to-face, and the most powerful desktop computer was 50 times less powerful than an iPhone.


That was when Trend Micro’s founders had the foresight to anticipate a new, inter-connected world. And they were inspired to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. That inspiration thrives in every Trend Micro employee today.


As “Trenders” we believe that the Internet is more than a platform for information exchange. It is an environment for the freedom of expression, giving people opportunities to expand their awareness, and essentially make the world a better place to live.


Because of this, Trenders feel a social responsibility to protect people from online threats as well as provide for those in need through charitable programs.


Share the inspiration! See how our innovations and global citizenship have made the world a safer and better place.


Trend Micro 25th Anniversary Infographic

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