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Secure the Mobile Experience

Leveraging 20+ years of innovation and technical leadership in the IT security arena, Trend Micro understands the complexities, pains and needs of mobile device users and the IT teams trying to support them.

Our history of mobile product development dates from the days of early Symbian and Windows-based mobile devices, to the newest Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This, combined with renowned cloud security technology, enables us to deliver a range of solutions that protect novice and tech-savvy users alike, and give system administrators the visibility and management required to control the array of devices employees are bringing into the office.  

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

You know your employees are doing it…bringing their smartphones and tablets to work; transferring work between the office and home; accessing company data on the go. These days your data is as highly mobile as your people. You know mobility is essential in today’s 24x7 business world, but you worry about having the visibility and control necessary to insure critical information is safe from hackers and accidental loss.

Embracing consumerization -- the influx of consumer-grade technologies into the workplace – and enabling the use of these powerful and popular tools can increase business agility, employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

At the same time, as applications and data become accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device, there are inherent risks. That’s where Trend Micro comes in. We can help IT administrators understand and address these challenges:

  • How to support devices that they didn’t purchase and may not know are on their network
  • How to secure the corporate networks and business data accessed by employee-owned smartphones and tablets
  • How to differentiate corporate content from personal data on employee-owned devices that are accessing the network

Read our primer on protecting critical data in a BYOD environment.

Trend Micro innovations such as cloud-based security enforcement, mobile device management and context-aware data protection support the increased mobility of your workforce without exposing users or their data to risk. You can confidently manage and secure the range of physical and virtual PC and non-PC devices, social media and other applications, online sync and storage, as well as the corporate and personal data that reside in and traverse them.

Simplicity on the surface; security at the core
Find consumer solutions to secure and enhance your mobile experience.

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Find out how the right security strategy can help you embrace consumerization and unlock business opportunity.

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