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Four Layers of Security to Minimize Risk

There is no silver bullet when it comes to ransomware. It requires a multi-layered approach, prioritized for the best risk mitigation.

Block ransomware before it ever gets to your users, at the email and web gateway and on Office 365.

Email and Web Protection

It all starts with your users—whether it's falling for a phishing email or clicking on a malicious web link.

Catch ransomware at the endpoint before you're forced to pay to recover your data.

Endpoint Protection

Trend Micro detected 99% of ransomware threats in email messages or web links. That still leaves 1% that could make it through to your endpoint.

Trend Micro™ XGen endpoint security deliver several capabilities that minimize the risk of ransomware to your endpoints, including:

High-fidelity machine learning that analyzes files, not only before execution but also during runtime for more accurate detection. It includes noise cancellation like census and whitelist checking to reduce false positives

Behavior monitoring for suspicious behavior associated with ransomware, such as the rapid encryption of multiple files. The encryption process can be automatically stopped and the endpoint isolated before ransomware can spread and cause more damage to your data

Application control creates application white lists, which will only allow known good applications to execute, and prevents the execution of unknown applications, like ransomware

Vulnerability shielding protects you from ransomware that takes advantage of unpatched software vulnerabilities

Detect and block ransomware on your network.

Network Protection

Email and web are common ransomware entry points, but other network protocols and attack methods can also subject you to ransomware.

Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Inspector is a network appliance that detects and blocks the ransomware on your network so it can't spread to other endpoints and servers. It protects against ransomware with:

Monitoring of all network ports and more than 100 protocols for ransomware, using pattern and reputation-based analysis, script emulation, and the detection of zero-day exploits and command and control traffic, to identify ransomware across the entire kill chain

Custom sandbox analysis to detect mass file modifications, encryption behavior and modifications that are consistent with ransomware

Integration with Trend Micro email and web gateways, and endpoint and server protection solutions to provide a connected threat defense so new threat information is shared across the multiple layers

Stop ransomware from getting to your servers where your most valuable data lies.

Server Protection

Ransomware is increasingly targeting servers, with recent high profile examples like SAMSAM (also known as SAMAS), where attackers targeted known software vulnerabilities to inject ransomware.

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ protects your servers, whether physical, virtual or in the cloud, from ransomware with:

Suspicious Activity Detection and Prevention: If ransomware attempts to gain a foothold in a data center (e.g. via a compromised user connecting to a file server), Deep Security can detect suspicious network activity and prevent it from continuing, while also alerting that there is an issue

Vulnerability Shielding: Protects servers and applications from ransomware attacks by shielding them from exploits of known software vulnerabilities, ‘virtually patching’ them until a patch or fix can be applied

Lateral Movement Detection: If ransomware should get into the data center, Deep Security can also help to minimize the impact by detecting and blocking it from spreading to more servers

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