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Threat Connect – Correlated Global Threat Intelligence

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Today’s threats are not monolithic. They tend to have multiple components and are often part of a coordinated campaign designed to infect systems and networks and gain access to valuable data.

Threat Connect allows you to assess and understand the complete nature of an attack or threat based on a visual representation of relevant intelligence gathered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network™ and Trend Micro Threat Researchers. Using big data analytics and correlation techniques, we can characterize specific attack components such as malware and command & control activity, and map the complex relationships between the components. You get the full picture of the attack including IP addresses, domains, URLs, malicious files, vulnerabilities, and attack family profiles. This information, including containment and remediation data, allows an administrator to rapidly assess an attack and identify the full range of activity that may exist within their networks. It's the actionable intelligence needed to fight today’s complex, stealthy, targeted attacks, all at your fingertips.

Threat Connect is part of the Trend Micro Network Defense solution to combat today’s advanced persistent threats. Take a tour of Threat Connect by clicking on any of the Top 10 malicious domains below.

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