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Awareness and Prevention

What's the state of your security?

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free assessment of your company's current security posture, a comparison against industry averages, and suggestions on how to improve current practices. See where you stand now .

Targeted Attacks: Don't be a Victim

Targeted attacks are a reality. This dramatization shows you exactly how they do it.

Resources and Solutions for Home and Business

Shopping online, downloading media, or just surfing the web? Your online habits may put you at risk. Get advice on keeping your personal information safe.

For cybercriminals, no business is too small to exploit. Learn about the threats that put your livelihood at risk and best practices for keeping your business safe.

Malware levels are at their highest and cybercriminals are launching stealthy targeted attacks against enterprises. Learn about the threat environment and how to keep your company data protected and employees educated.

First Line of Defense Newsletter

Mobile technology runs the gamut from mobile phones to laptops to global positioning system (GPS) devices. Today, “mobile” has become both a technology buzzword and an attack target. Take a look at just some of the mobile and other security issues we’ve seen this quarter in the April 20 edition of First Line of Defense.

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Internet Security 101

Know Your Enemies, Part 1
John discovers the power of the web. Meanwhile, Evil Joe lurks online waiting to steal John’s data. (03:06)


Know Your Enemies, Part 2
The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network uses the power of the cloud to prevent Evil Joe’s attacks and protect users like John.(04:44)

Mac Myths

Mythbusting Mac Security
See why Mac computers are not as safe and secure as they used to be. (03:20)

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