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Online Safety @ Home

The Internet should be a place where you can talk, learn, shop, and share without worrying about your own safety or the security of personal information. You also want to be a good digital citizen and make responsible decisions about how you interact online. So you need to be smart about what you share and whom you share it with, as well as how you yourself behave.

The Big 6 Online Issues

You probably have concerns about your family’s online safety–whether it’s identity theft, privacy on social networks, computer security, or online content that may be inappropriate for your children.

We have important information on how you can stay safe, and how you can model responsible online behavior.

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Kids’ Online Safety and Responsibility

Your kids have grown up using computers and cell phones–and though they may seem to know it all, they are actually particularly vulnerable to online dangers. We offer help on how to prevent and address the risks that are specific to the younger set, and how to nurture good digital citizenship.

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Lynette Owens Meet Lynette Owens, our online safety and citizenship advocate, and read her Internet Safety for Kids and Families blog

Resources, Quick Tips, and FAQs

Resource Library:
Tap into our library of online safety resources–see videos, guides, helpful articles, and easy-to-use quick tips.

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Quick Tips for Online Safety

Common Questions and Concerns

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